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Madrone Trail in Napa County is Up Next

May 15-17 at Napa County's beautiful Moore Creek Park

There is something about Moore Creek Park that keeps bringing V-O-Cal back: the natural beauty, the great food, terrific people -- and oh, yes, the swimming pool!

We will return to Moore Creek to build yet another great trail in a great park. This one will be quite a challenge with steep (!!) hillsides and some technical work. Good footwear and attention to detail will make this a rewarding experience!

Still plenty of slots left! Join us! Sign up now.

Dowload the Project Fact Sheet here for directions, schedule and full project information. NOTE: The address for Moore Creek is 2607 Chiles Pope Valley Rd (not Canyon Rd).

News & Events

The Sycamore Grove project was a tremendous success: a brand new trail, happy volunteers, thrilled agency partners. All who participated should be proud!

Check out the Project Index page for more before and after pictures.

The Sycamore Grove crowdfunding effort is still underway, and we have added a page specific to the Madrone Trail project which is next up. Encourage your friends and family to support the organization where you spend such quality time. Visit the Madrone Trail crowdfunding page to get in on the action, become a fundraiser and encourage your friends to contribute cash to support your very literal sweat equity!

Don't forget to sign up for your favorite trail project. For the full project list, click here.


Date Location Agency Partner
May 15-17 Madrone Trail

Napa County RPOSD Register Now!

Jun 5-7 Las Trampas Regional Park EBRPD
Jul 17-19 Glen Canyon Park SF Rec & Park
Aug 7-9 Franklin Canyon Muir Heritage Land Trust

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