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Sycamore Grove in Livermore! THIS WEEKEND

V-O-Cal's first full project in our 10th project year

Unbroken wilderness, wildlife, native grasses, wildflowers - what more could you want? Sycamore Grove Park in Livermore has all this and more. You can be a part of this weekend of adventure, beauty and accomplishment.

The first full project of
V-O-Cal's 10th project season, Sycamore Grove promises to be fun. On top of all the benefits of spending the weekend in a beautiful place, the people make it even more rewarding. You can be one of them!

Join us! Sign up now Send your friends a flyer.

Download the Project Fact Sheet here

News & Events

The "state of the art" in fundraising is crowdfunding, and who has better 'crowds' than V-O-Cal? We are launching a fundraising experiment with this weekend's Sycamore Grove project in Livermore, enabling participants to encourage their friends and family to support the organization where they spend such quality time. Visit the Sycamore Grove crowdfunding page to get in on the action, become a fundraiser and encourage your friends to contribute cash to support your very literal sweat equity!

The V-O-Cal Planning Team has been working diligently over the past few months to scout and lock in interesting, challenging and rewarding projects for the 2015 Project Season. After many site visits, conversations with agency partners, and lots of calendar coordination, this hard-working group has succeeded in putting together a tremendous schedule.

Don't forget to sign up for your favorite trail project. For the full project list, click here.

Date Location Agency Partner
Apr 17-19 Sycamore Grove LARPD (Livermore) Register Now!
May 15-17 Madrone Trail

Napa County RPOSD Register Now!

Jun 5-7 EB Reg. Park (specific park TBD) EBRPD
Jul 17-19 Glen Canyon Park SF Rec & Park

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In-Kind Season Sponsors include: