Volunteers for Outdoor California

Happy people. Happy trails.

We're back! After two years' hiatus, V-O-Cal is going to roar back with five projects in 2022.  It has been a long two years for all of us and we hope that you will set aside time to join your trail building friends. We already had a great project at Moore Creek in April and are looking forward to more!

Who are we? Volunteers for Outdoor California (V-O-Cal) is a volunteer workforce for large-scale trail maintenance and construction projects, habitat restoration, and related land stewardship activities on public lands in partnership with public agencies and other nonprofit organizations.

Just one more project for 2022! It's been great to be back doing trail projects again. We're getting close to the end of the season, just one more project at Anthony Chabot Regional Park (details below). We hope to see you there!

Check out our upcoming projects: 

Anthony Chabot Regional Park

Friday, October 14, 2022
Sunday, October 16, 2022
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Check out our first post pandemic projects:

East Bay Hills Benefit

Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Monday, September 5, 2022
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McLaren Park

Saturday, July 9, 2022
Saturday, July 9, 2022
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Sanborn County Park

Friday, June 17, 2022
Sunday, June 19, 2022
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Painted Rock - John Muir Land Trust

Friday, May 20, 2022
Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Moore Creek

Friday, April 15, 2022
Sunday, April 17, 2022
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Why volunteer with V-O-Cal? While there are many great Bay Area organizations that do some form of land stewardship, the V-O-Cal approach is a little different, and it is designed to complement the work of those other groups, extending the reach of other agencies and organizations while enlarging the overall pool of skilled volunteers. We work all over the region, from Monterey to the Trinity Mountains and from the coast to the western Sierra, offering volunteers a broad range of project types in a consistently well-organized fashion. The difference between V-O-Cal and our fellow land stewardship groups can be summed up in four categories: Scale, Duration, Planning, and Resource Focus.

Scale The average V-O-Cal project puts 125-150 volunteers to work on a single project.

Duration V-O-Cal projects are a full weekend long, starting on Friday and going through Sunday afternoon.

Planning Because of the scale of our projects, the logistics are important to assure that each volunteer has a satisfying experience and that the land manager is thrilled with the result.

Resource Focus Rather than focus on a single park, area, or land manager partner, V-O-Cal moves around Northern California and works with a broad range of partners throughout the region.

Become part of a volunteer workforce. Skilled and unskilled volunteers welcome.

Volunteers for Outdoor California believes that the quality of the experience is the most important part of any of its efforts. As a result, everything about the organization and our projects is designed to make sure that every volunteer has a great time and leaves with a genuine sense of accomplishment.

Camp in the most beautiful parks in California.  No making a reservation or worrying about food necessary.

Because we are doing work in these parks, we get special permission to camp in areas that often do not allow camping. We supply the meals on Saturday and Sunday, all you need to do is show up and pitch your tent!

Want to see some of our past work?

Check out V-o-cal's Past projects

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