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Painted Rock - John Muir Land Trust

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COVID Precautions

V-O-Cal puts safety first. Please remember that all participants are required to be vaccinated. Protocols will be used in connection with food preparation and service (kitchen crew will mask in confined areas and during food services), and social distancing in outdoor areas will be requested.

Project Background and Description

The Painted Rock property is special. Its name derives from large rocks overlooking Moraga that have been happily painted for decades by local students. Its significance for trails, however, is new! When the John Muir Land Trust began a campaign to acquire this property from its private owner, JMLT was overwhelmed by hundreds (literally!) of donations from the local community. Now permanently preserved as open space, Painted Rock will open 505 acres of beautiful hill and valleys for public enjoyment. The property will also provide connectivity to trails reaching into more than 15,000 acres of pristine protected land.
We will be cutting NEW TRAIL (the best!) into grassy open hillsides. The work area has beautiful expansive views of Mt. Diablo to the east and the Oakland/Berkeley hills to the west.

Project Pictures


We have been graciously approved by the Acalanes High School District to camp on the flat, soft, grassy field of Campolindo High School. Painted Rock is an easy walk.

Driving Directions

Directions from the EAST:

  • From Walnut Creek, take Highway 24 going west
  • Exit toward Central Lafayette
  • Turn RIGHT at the end of the exit, which is a stop light at Deer Hill Road
  • Turn RIGHT again at First Street
  • Turn RIGHT again at Mt. Diable Blvd, then take the first left onto Moraga Road
  • Continue about 2.7 miles to Campolindo High School

Directions from the WEST:

  • Take Highway 24 going East toward Walnut Creek/Lafayette
  • In Lafayette, exit at Oak Hill Road.
  • Turn RIGHT at the bottom of the off-ramp onto Oak Hill Road
  • Turn LEFT on Mt. Diablo Blvd., then promptly RIGHT onto Moraga Road
  • Continue about 2.7 miles to Campolindo High School
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Carpool/Parking Information

Level of Effort

Project Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet


5:00pm - Registration and camping opens DINNER IS NOT PROVIDED

7:30am - Check in, light breakfast, and lunch prep begin.
8:30am - Morning greeting, announcements, warm-up and safety talk. Project begins.
12:00pm - Break for lunch on trail.
3:30pm - Head back to camp.
4:00pm - Drinks, appetizers and socializing. Showers available.
5:00pm - Dinner.

7:30am - Check in and lunch packing begin; hot breakfast is served.
8:30am - Morning greeting, announcements, warm-up and safety talk. Project begins.
11:30am - Break for lunch on trail.
1:30pm - Head back to camp to clean tools and pack gear and truck.
2pm - Snack, celebrate the work and say goodbyes to old and new friends.

What to Bring and Wear

For your safety and protection from hazards, please be prepared with the following items:
  • Sturdy shoes or boots with good tread. Ankle support will be important where we are building new trails. Sandals and open-toed shoes will not be permitted
  • Water bottles or a water bladder that can hold at least 2 liters of water. (You will not be allowed on the trail without water.)
  • Day pack to carry your water and lunch.
  • Work gloves. (If you don’t have your own gloves, V-O-Cal will provide them. Please return them at the end of the project.)
  • Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.
  • Insect repellent and allergy medicine (if you normally need these things when working outdoors).
  • Reusable plate/bowl, eating utensils, and mug/cup.
  • A change of clothes for each work day and for lounging at camp to minimize the spread of poison oak.
  • Layers of clothing for a range of temperatures.
If you are camping, you will also need the following items: 
  • A tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and pillow.
  • A flashlight or headlamp.
  • Camping chair (optional).
  • Other camping gear that makes you comfortable


V-O-Cal provides all meals for volunteers from breakfast Saturday through lunch Sunday. Vegetarian options are available for all meals. (Please note that dinner is not provided on Friday.)
  • To minimize waste we ask that you bring your own reusable plates, coffee mug, cups and utensils. Hot water and soap are provided.
  • A continental breakfast is served Saturday morning.
  • Lunch is prepared before hitting the trail. You break for lunch on the trail around 12:30pm.
  • Please arrive at camp by 7:40am to register, eat breakfast and prepare your lunch.
  • Appetizers and beverages will be available after the work day on Saturday, usually around 4pm. Dinner will follow, usually around 5:30pm.
  • Hot breakfast is served Sunday.


SUN EXPOSURE | HYDRATION | HYPOTHERMIA The work area and Center Camp are without shade. Therefore, please plan for sun protection, including sun hats, sun block and light long sleeve shirts. Please bring water bottles or a water bladder large enough to hold at least 2 liters of water. Drink plenty of water throughout the work day. If you feel tired or weak, let your crew leader know, and take a break.

POISON OAK There are limited areas of poison oak at Painted Rock. Have your crew leader point some out to you if you don’t know what it looks like. “Bunny suits” will be provided for those who need extra protection. Clean with Tecnu (which V-O-Cal provides) after the work day, and be cautious when handling your dirty clothes. Always wear gloves when handling tools.

TICKS Ticks are always a hazard so it is important to check during and after the project.

SNAKES Rattlesnakes can be present in Painted Rock but likely will be scared away by the large number of volunteers. If you see one, tell your crew leader, and wait until it leaves the area before proceeding.

SHARP TOOLS Please listen to your crew leader’s tool safety talk and observe proper tool use throughout the day.

Project Team

  • V-O-Cal Executive Director Cathy Moyer
  • Project Team Lead Eliot Hudson
  • Technical Advisor Joe Cavaness
  • Crew Leader Manager Chris Moen
  • Food Shopping & Prep Chris Fishel
  • Kitchen | Chef Francesca Verdier
  • Outreach Eliot Hudson | Lily Brady
  • Camp Operations Pete and Debbie Durringer
  • Warehouse Load | Truck Driver Duane Sheets
  • Tool Town Mayor Jon Cross
  • Registration Melanie Lee

Other Upcoming Projects

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